Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Internal Steel Deck Coating

Our client asked us to supply a coating suitable for a steel deck. This chequer plate steel deck was once used as a loading dock but was now going to be used as the floor in a internal room.

                                         Years of old coating systems and rust had to be removed.

 Using grinders and a floor scabbler machine all the    old materials where removed .
nice and clean time to apply the primer coat
Resuprime ZP is a two-pack solvent free epoxy resin zinc phosphate metal primer
Versatile for many types of application
  • Excellent adhesive properties
  • Easy to apply
  • No unpleasant or harmful odours
     Resudeck is a two-pack, high build, hard wearing polyurethane floor coating which forms a tough and durable finish with resistance to light-medium chemical attack it can also be used in wet environments.
    Resudeck is resistant to hot water and can be steam cleaned.
    By incorporation of suitable aggregates, anti-slip finishes with a range of thicknesses and textures can be created.
    Resudeck is a solvent-free coating with a 100% solids content, which cures to a gloss finish.
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    Tuesday, 3 May 2016

    Installation of new drainage channel and polyurethane screed.

    Our clients existing drainage channel and polyurethane screed, was showing signs of age and been damaged over the years. They decided it was time to remove the old and replace with new .

    First job was  to build a protective screen to close the area off so that their production was able to continue.

    We then removed the old screed back to the concrete sub-floor and removed the broken drainage channel.

    Once the old screed and channel had been removed we then installed a new channel and built up the sub-screed with fall towards the new channel.

    Finally we installed the new polyurethane screed and cove including new stainless steel trim to top of the cove.

    The Finished Area.
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    Epoxy coating to maintance workshop

    Our client asked us to install a solvent free high build epoxy coating to their maintenance area.
    The current floor was a polished concrete slab.
    To start we prepared the concrete slab by diamond grinding to achieve the required surface key and to remove any contaminants.
    A base cost of solvent free high build epoxy was then applied.
    After the base coat has cured a further two top coats of solvent free high build epoxy coating where applied.

    Preparation in progress.

    Completed preparation

    The final top coat

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