Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Polyurethane self level screed to bosch garage

 An old project but still going well after many years service

A typical garage floor
All the old coating was removed
All the cracks and repairs where done before applying epoxy primer
 The floor system specified was a 3mm polyurethane self smoothing screed

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Epoxy sf coating to manufacturing workshop

Caravan Manufacturer ,                                                             Page 2

Stage one of three areas installing epoxy high build coating     

main area colour 00A05 Grey
walkways colour RAL 6002

Resbuild Solvent Free High Build Epoxy Coating

ooops ! unfortunately rain got in from under the shutters but this was quickly corrected
Final touches the yellow lines being marked out

Caravan Manufacturer , Stage one of three areas installing epoxy high build coating


Area One
The original  floor had been coated many times and this was now worn and flaking off.   

Using our own grinding machines we removed all the old coating leaving a clean surface for the new coating
The original coating looking untidy and dirty
steel chequer plate  prepared using vonarx to remove coating and rust