Monday, 17 June 2013

more from the morgue

Its not a floor

No floors to install so we built a dorma .
And yes it was all to building regulation each stage passed by the inspector.

Not industrial but a floor is still a floor

If you have floor boards in your home and there is movement near walls or areas that seem low chances are the joists have rotted.
Most people may have never seen how a floor is constructed in their homes.
Modern homes may have concrete sub floors but in  old houses floors where constructed like this.

June 2013
A first for us working in a funeral directors / morgue.
Because this was a working room with a wood floor we used the following system.
MMA products from Resin Building Products Ltd.
A strong flexible material, fast setting and ideal for this project.
Lightly sand the boards apply MMA primer allow to cure.
Apply 3mm of MMA deck coat followed by MMA colour coats.
The MMA deck coat can be broadcasted with various aggregates or flakes to create an anti slip finish
or a decorative finish if coloured flakes are used