Thursday, 17 March 2016

Coldstore floor repairs

Cold store floor repairs at -22 C

Our client required repairs to be carried out in their cold store with minimum disruption to their operation.
The work required was to repair 10 failed joints in the concrete slab.
We had to cut out the failed joints and damaged edges and apply a freezer grade mma primer and flexible mma deckcoat filler . Each joint was repaired individually taking 2 hours 30 minutes from start to complete curing proceeds.

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 Preparation the key to a successful application

 Removing old coatings using grinding machines or enclosed shot blasting

Factory Unit Refurbishment

Preparation and Installation of High Build Solvent Free Epoxy Coating

In this unit we found an old painted floor , damaged floor joints and uneven areas  

Enclosed Shot Blasting

We decided to use a ride on enclosed shot blaster to remove all existing

coating and provide us with a clean surface for the new floor paint.


Using steel shot propelled at high force against the concrete

this ride on shot blaster removed the old coating easily and quickly.

The blasting action is contained within the front of the machine

whilst the dust created is collected into the back of the vehicle.

The difference between old and new can been seen clearly

Some areas had to be prepared using our grinding machines to remove glue .

Polyurethane Floor Repairs to Food Factory

Polyurethane Floor Repairs to Food Factory.
Our client required us to carry out repairs to their food factory floor during a planned shut down period.


The repairs required were:

  1. -To remove failed areas of Screed and replace with new.
  2. -To cut through cracks in the floor and fill with polyurethane expansion material .
  3. -To repair a collapsed drainage channel.
  4. -Installation of Polyurethane coving.
  5. -Polyurethane coating to existing coving.


Screed Repairs

Damaged area of screed was cut square and removed.
The sub-screed was repaired