Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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 Increasing Falls

Polyurethane screed infill is ideal for large repairs or creating ramps or falls.
Fast setting and very strong it is an ideal material for placing polyurethane floor screed onto it once cured.
These photos show our screed installer using a bar and trowel to create the required fall on this food production floor.
The following day this screed was prepared by running a hand grinder lightly over the surface removing and small bumps or ridges .

Polyurethane Screed and Polyurethane Cove


The key to any successful installation is the preparation .
Because we are using polyurethane screed we prefer to scabble the floor removing any old coatings and producing a good keyed surface.
The photo on the right shows a wall chasing machine fitted with two diamond blades putting an anchorage groove around the room perimeter.
This groove is also placed around channels or fixed objects and either side of any expansion joints .
The reason for this groove is to achieve maximum bond between material and floor .
All grooves are cleaned out using a hammer and bolster chisel to produce  straight edges .
This room required the fall to be increased and after taking  level readings we achieved this using polyurethane infill screed. 

working out levels

cleaning out grooves


Polyurethane Screed Materials