Monday, 23 March 2015

Trip to Orkney Isles page two

 Don't think Peter enjoyed the ferry crossing
    Darren takes advantage of phone and internet signal
 Tom enjoyed his trip

Arrive in Stromness

 Stromness is the second most populated town in Orkney, Scotland. It is in the south-west of Mainland Orkney. It is also a parish, with the town of Stromness as its capital.


From Stromness we travelled to Kirkwall the biggest town and capital of the Orkney Islands, off the coast of northern mainland Scotland.
We then travelled to Houton to catch the ferry to the island of Flotta

 Island of Flotta






Our trip to the Orkney Isles March 2015

Hello Scotland

From sunny forest to snow covered mountains
Beautiful Lochs
The top of Scotland we arrive at Scrabster
Goodbye Scotland on our way to Orkney Isles 

installing new epoxy coat walkways

Old flaking paint not a good impression on visitors .
Also a clear safe walkway is not defined at all.
Floor Painters Ltd can remove all this old paint using large grinders or enclosed shot blasting machines .
All machines are attached to industrial vacuums to remove the dust during grinding
 Once the old paint has been removed we vacuum the area to remove any remaining dust and debris
Preparation done and two coats of solvent free high build epoxy coatings .
Solid bright colours complemented with yellow epoxy lines .
A clear safe walkway and a more pleasing site for any visitors .

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Epoxy Chemical Resistant coating at water test centre

The existing concrete slab had been contaminated with crude oil and sea water over many years, so to start we used diamond grinders to remove the surface.

Once the surface preparation was complete a primer coat of solvent free high build epoxy was applied with a full broadcast of aggregate.

Stage 3 a single coat of Water base epoxy primer was applied to seal the aggregate
Stage 4 A top coat of Resbuild Ultracoat chemical resistant epoxy was applied along with Yellow LMP demarcations.