Wednesday, 1 December 2021

2020 to 2021 new projects

 2020 was the year covid came and work slowed down and some manufacturers stopped supplying materials . 2020   Floor Painters Ltd was busy in Lincoln with the pump screed and coating works . We also did a lot of weekends completing polyurethane floor & cove  repair work and small coating jobs . 

We also did a few coating jobs and then in March 2020 we had the lock down for corona virus 

Friday, 4 October 2019

Polyurethane Screed Installation

Polymer Modified Screed Installation

The materials we used for the refurbishment of this heavy industrial site where Ultra Floor level it  base followed by level it Top .

Industrial Floor Refurbishment Using Polymer Modified Pump Screed

After years of heavy use this old foundry floor needed refurbishment ,

We removed the existing old floor using industrial road planers to a depth of 15mm

 I thought this was big but I was told they come a lot bigger

Removing waste on this quantity requires road sweepers .

The waste was put into large tipper lorries and removed from site

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Preparation Equipment

Solid Diamond Plate

 Vonarx Floor Scabbler

 STR Sanding Machine

 Contec Single Head Grinder 110 Volt

 Blastrac Single Head 415 volt

 110 volt hand held grinders

 Ride on Enclosed Shot Blasting Machines

 3 motor Industrial Vacuums

Fast fit plates for various diamond shoes

PCD shoes ideal for old coating removal



 DFG 415 volt grinder

 9 inch hand held grinders


 415 volt Planetary Grinder , 3 heads

 9 inch grinder

 walk behind shot blaster